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Welcome to

AIBOWORLD was founded in February 2000, and quickly became the central hub for the UK AIBO Community.

A couple of months later, in May 2000, we achieved what many thought was impossible for the UK - we had our first meeting in Watford near London.

It was here that the WORLD of AIBOs in general was introduced to the now famous (and greatly sought after) pink pig. Typically one of the first toys bought for your pet.

Through the years, AIBOWORLD has become the community not just for the UK but for EUROPE. With its contacts within Sony Entertainment Robots Europe (SERE) AIBOWORLD was able to organise yearly service reviews with SERE to highlight the owners plights, offer suggestions for new products and services (many of which were adopted).

In July 2008, we added an archive section on the forum to preserve the contents of the Good-aibo forum before its website closed.

In September 2009, we incorporated GENIBOWORLD into the site.








Running since February 2000, the forum has a wealth of searchable info and expertise at your fingertips.


We have possibly the largest collection of AIBO related pictures and videos on the internet. You can also create and manage your own galleries.


We tend to hold a regular chat every Saturday, from 10pm (UK time). If you fancy a chat any other time then post a message in the forum and others will usually join you.








Want everyone to see your AIBO Diary? then publish your AIBO diaries here, direct from AEP (AIBO Entertainment Player).


Want to see AIBO Birthdays and statistics? Register your AIBOs and let them join in the fun!


Check out any exciting projects that members have created. Do you have a project that you'd like to show the community? If so, get in touch with us.

The AIBOWORLD Team, November 2009
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